Compost and wormery helping stop food waste

We’ve been busy making compost and it’s so much fun!

In anticipation of spring and warmer weather, we’ve been busy at our compost area, highlighting what we can do with our waste.

We’re delighted to have been donated a Wigwam wormery (THANK YOU Helen) . It is now layered up and ready to go. Hopefully the worms are surviving this cold snap! They have plenty of bedding and food. Looking forward to the results. It will take 3 months to fill the wormery and before we start harvesting from the bottom.

Also in anticipation for our Compost Day with Donal O’leary on Saturday 1st April at the workshop 11-1pm:

We’ve made a compost pile using grass and wood shavings. We’ll follow the Hot Compost Method of turning it on Day 5 and every 2 days until day 18. By then we should see it turning into a nutrient material that we can donate to the Skibbereen Orchard and other community projects. This is a small example of what we will be doing throughout the year. We are aware the average temp is a bit too low for this to work so fast at this time of year, but finger’s crossed we’ll get a great result 😀