ReUse Bike Project

Here we gather bikes that people discard or take to the Civic Amenity site.
This is a partnership between Cork County Council & Cycle Sense.

It promotes the

  • Circular Economy
  • Valuing of local resources
  • Waste reduction
  • Social inclusion
  • Up Skilling
  • Partnership between organisations

What we do

  • Cork County Council Amenity staff save the bikes that come into the sites.
  • Cycle Sense collects them and brings them to the workshop
  • Unwanted bikes can be dropped into the workshop
  • At the workshop, bikes are assessed for use: good frames will be rebuilt and damaged frames will be broken down for parts
  • Bikes rebuilt
  • Parts reconditioned

What we offer

  • Bikes sold
  • Reconditioned parts sold
  • Servicing of bikes with second hand parts (some new parts may all be used if second hand parts are not available)