Cycle Right Stage One

Cycle Right Stage One is an 8 hour course. It is both practical and theoretical, focused on what will keep cyclists safe on the road. Bicycle control skills are practiced in an off road location. In the last two sessions, the trainee cyclists are taken on guided road journeys to experience and practise these skills. Two theory sessions give rules of the road instruction and point out hazards for cyclists and how to keep safe.

Stage 1

At an off-road location trainees take:

  • Theory and Rules of the Road training.
  • Core bicycle-handling and road-skills training.
  • Starting, stopping, balancing, pedalling and cornering.
  • Turning left and right, including shoulder-checking and signalling.
  • Cycling with other cyclists.
  • Cycling in a simulated road environment.

On-road training:

Trainees take part in trainer-led cycles, guided and directed on correct positioning and decision-making on the road.

  • Recognising potential hazards on the road.
  • Where to be on the road, when to look and signal.
  • Road signs, road markings, bike infrastructure – how to use them.
  • Surfaces and weather.
  • Parked cars.
  • Junctions and how to approach them.
  • Simple roundabouts and how to approach them.

How is the programme structured?

At Stage One (8 hours), based at an off-road location such as a school or other centre, trainees take bicycle and road skills training, mixed with theoretical and Rules of the Road instruction. At this stage on the road, trainees go on short, instructor-led cycles, guided and directed on correct positioning and decision-making. This stage is all about showing trainees how the techniques they have learned work on the road. Normally this is done over 5-6 weeks.

Ratio of trainer to trainee at Stage One is:

  • 1:30 for classroom work
  • 1:15 for yard-based practical
  • 2:10 for on-road work.

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Training content comes under the PE and SPHE strands of the primary curriculum and also promotes the goals of the An Taisce Green Schools programme, supporting the 4th Green Transport Flag and the Get Active Flag.